Complex questionnaires needs easy guides

Stop managing conversations on emails

Remove submission bottlenecks

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  1. Make it easy for the company to fill in complex data by letting a system guide them step by step
  2. Get access to the company's internal progress tracker without having to ask
  3. Explain complex calculations and formulas using diagrams in picture
  4. Let a video simplify the data definition in those hard to fill sections
  5. Daily Notifications of the company conversations with easy navigation

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Who is this for?

Sustainability Professional who are measuring company progress towards sustainability. You are collecting data of the company into a specific reporting framework or methodlogy. Apply a standardised scoring method in order to mesaure diffrent pillars of your indicators. Thus, making the data more comparable and measurable into Scorecards, Assessment Reports or Dashboard. You can take any tool as a medium to help company more forward in thier Sustianbility journey. It could be Benchmarking, Assessments, Index, Ratings or Rankings. Currently you are sending a big spreadsheet via email to the companies in order to collect complex data.
You work at
  1. 1. Non Profit Research
  2. 2. Think Tank
  3. 3. Environmental Services
  4. 4. SDG Rating/Ranking Agencies
  5. 5. ESG Services
  6. 6. Sustainability Consultancy

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  1. Are you collecting complex data from companies?
  2. Do you send big spreadsheet to collect data from the companies
  3. Do you get emails from companies to understand questions?
  4. Are your participants wondering about the scoring?
  5. Does companies want to know how the scorecards will look?

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  5. Access to Sustainability Research & Analysis Community
Our vision is to help every sustainability analyst find insights using data science.

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