Our Culture

Our vision is to help every sustainability analyst find insights with data science

Team First - Skilled team members working as a team can create 10X value to the clients
  1. 1. The Team always comes before individuals
  2. 2. Genius is in asking for help in a smarter way from colleagues
  3. 3. Celebrating small progress anytime over chasing perfection
  4. 4. Collaboration wins the team rather than internal competition
  5. 5. Shared Learning within and with clients is our superpower
  6. 6. Clear Communication comes from clear thinking
  7. 7. Asking good quality questions is what we do daily

Our 1 Team Goal
  1. 1. Getting things done good enough in half the time (start small with 10% less time and take it up to 50%)

  1. 1. Have more empathy towards others
  2. 2. Say what you will do & do whatever you said
  3. 3. Respect timelines
  4. 4. Write all important things before you start
  5. 5. Treat all our clients as best friends
  6. 6. Clients are the reason we earn. so take care of their needs.
  7. 7. Guard your time with a massively huge focus
  8. 8. No sharing any of the company's secrets with others.
  9. 9. You becoming right will not get you the results
  10. 10. Work towards getting results for our clients to become successful

Conflict of interest with your current work
  1. 1. No sharing of any database with anyone
  2. 2. Be open to feedback / constructive criticism
  3. 3. Call back / email back / skype / SMS back people if you miss their calls or if that’s what you have promised.
  4. 4. Do the work you promised that too on time, in case of delay inform it at earliest all concerned people in advance & not wait till someone asks you.

  1. 1. The Process is just as important as the Result. If you don't have a process for a task help your lead to create one.
  2. 2. Plan your day in the morning - share with your team. Report your daily outcomes
  3. 3. Organize your task by writing down your to-do list in the ticketing system. Record everything
  4. 4. Look for waste work to eliminate. It should give you 50% of your productive time back per day on average.
  5. 5. When you say “I forgot or I got busy” have a backup plan to fix it.
  6. 6. You are responsible for the entire outcome of your task not just getting it done and ticking the box
  7. 7. Once you accept a given work, it is your responsibility. Don’t put the monkey on someone else’s shoulder. If you are stuck for 3 hours ask for help.
  8. 8. 2-hour checkpoint: every 2 hours in a day, you should have accomplished certain small tasks, make this a habit.
  9. 9. Taking initiatives can start with tiny actions.
  10. 10. We are in the creative thinking business, Don't beat yourself up for one bad day make sure you leave no unfinished work for the week.

Appearance (When on a call with clients)
  1. 1. Dress well
  2. 2. Be well-groomed
  3. 3. Keep your video on

  1. 1. Send a message of coming late/leave as soon as you get the slightest hint of it so that the team can prepare themselves for your absence

  1. 1. Sexual harassment
  2. 2. Money misappropriation
  3. 3. Dereliction of duty
  4. 4. Breaking any law of the land
  5. 5. Corruption

Promotions / Increments
  1. 1. Are not given because of vintage or relationship with anyone
  2. 2. How many initiatives do you take?
  3. 3. Completion of your key result areas
  4. 4. Any new revenue opportunity you create

The idea behind this Culture
  1. 1. Currently we have 15 Clients so the idea here is to find ways to double them in 1 year. 2X revenue in 2 years (Dec 2023) is a short term milestone.
  2. 2. The more you remove (waste, inefficiency, efforts, bad habits, miscommunication, zero feedback, sloppy work, unskilled work, rough work, unclarity etc) the more we will align ourselves with the collective 2X outcome.
  3. 3. Our success depends on leveraging code, automation, the internet, brian power, applying proven ideas, client networks, the ability to say NO and social media that duplicate our efforts with ZERO additional cost and solve simple problems for many users at once.