ESG Scorecard 2X Formula

3 tactics to double the impact of your ESG scorecard

2X the time users spends - twice the number of visitors - two times the count of feedback

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  1. Do you publish your ESG Scorecard and get zero engagement?
  2. Are you unsure which users are sharing your ESG scorecard?
  3. Does doubling the impact of your ESG Scorecard feels impossible?
  4. Is a user leaving your ESG scorecard within a minute a problem?
  5. Have you found it difficult to convert your Scorecard into Digital Asset?

Imagine if you can add features to your scorecard that will promote itself.

  1. How about giving every user tools to engage with your scorecard?
  2. Would you like to know exactly which users actively share?
  3. If you could get an easy and simple formula to double your impact?
  4. What will it mean to you if users stay more than 3 minutes on average?
  5. What if you can test your scorecard as a digital asset in the next 24 hours?

My 2X ESG Scorecard Formula will help you specifically with the following 3 benefits

  1. Let your users find more key takeaways from your analysis
  2. Bring more new users and eyes to your ESG Scorecards
  3. Get more insightful and candid feedback from your users

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Our clients have been using these tactics for hundreds of companies for the past many years.

What you’ll learn:

  1. How to use the formula for maximum impact?
  2. What are the benefits of picking the 9 feature ideas?
  3. Why should you double your baseline impact score?

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“System is intuitive following a learning curve (which is the case for all new software). 73Bit have been very accommodating and responsive when asking for new functionality.”

Alex Faulkner

Reporting and Assessment Manager - UN Principles for Responsible Investment

Page 1 Preview of ESG Scorecard 2X Formula

Page 1 of ESG Scorecard 2X Formula

Page 2 Preview of ESG Scorecard 2X Formula

Page 2 of ESG Scorecard 2X Formula

Page 3 Preview of ESG Scorecard 2X Formula

Page 3 of ESG Scorecard 2X Formula

Preview of ESG Scorecard 2X Formula

Preview of ESG Scorecard 2X Formula

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What if I don't understand How to use the 2X Formula

I can understand sometimes a 3 page wordy document can be overwhelming and could feel like too much information. In order to help you navigate through it you will get a series of email. It will answers questions like "How to use the ESG Scorecard 2X formula for maximum impact?", "What are the benefits of picking the 9 feature ideas?", "Why should you double your baseline impact score?" and Next Steps. Don't worry I will help you understanding it.

Who wrote this page, anyway?

Hi! I’m Vikram Shetty and I have been building softwares for 18 years. I help ESG Consultants who assess and rank companies on their non-financial disclosure data to 2X the impact of their digital Company Scorecards. I am podcast host of Sustainability Scores and publishes a weekly ESG Scorecard newsletter for Sustainability Researchers and Analysts.
Vikram Shetty

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