ESG Scorecard 2X Roadmap

£ 999 only

A Roadmap session to plan for doubling the impact of your scorecard

Data - Driven - Decision

  1. Do you want to know how much time it will exactly take to double the impact of your scorecard?
  2. Are you not able to decide on which feature will have more impact on insights for your users?
  3. Does your development team don’t have time to create a comprehensive plan?
  4. Are you looking for no-nonsense expert advice that makes your next steps easy?
  5. Have you ever wondered whether there should be an easier way to increase the impact of your ESG scorecard?

Imagine If you could, you could get into a 1-hour Zoom meeting and walk out with a roadmap to 2X the impact of your research work.

5 Steps to Roadmapping

Book the call using the below button and receive our 2X Formula immediately. Once you book, the calendar will block 90 minutes; we won’t need the full 90 minutes, but let’s block it out just in case.

  1. In the Call, we go through 3 tactics and explain you the 2X impact formula.
  2. Help you pick 1 feature idea for each of the tactics and the rationale of measurement.
  3. Explore any other ideas from the catalogue that you find curious to implement.
  4. Get a personalised ESG Scorecard 2X roadmap to share with your software development team.
  5. Review Call to clarify, correct and complete the roadmap so you can implement it immediately.

You are covered with our 100% Money-back guarantee. After the call, if you are not happy, say a word, and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Still on the fence? Let me give you a formula to decide in 60 seconds. Yes to each question gets you 1 point.

  1. Do you have any online ESG Scorecard, dashboard or microsites or planning for one?
  2. Do you want more people to benefit from your ESG Insights?
  3. Do you want to make your users your Sustainability Champions?
  4. Do you wish to receive more intuitive feedback from your users?
  5. Do you want 1 metric to measure your impact every month?

Calculate your score by adding it up, and if you get 3 or more, then you should get your roadmap done. It's a small investment to increase your impact; the call will make it easy for you to make more quick decisions to improve your impact.

ESG Scorecard 2X Roadmap covers

  1. 1-on-1 Live 1-hour Zoom Call
  2. ESG Scorecard 2X Roadmap (30+ Page PDF)
  3. 1 Review and Walkthrough Call
  4. Recording of both Zoom Calls
  5. A framework to make a 10X impact

We have created a scorecard for clients like As You Sow, a non-profit leader in shareholder advocacy. The nonprofit's Racial Justice Scorecard—began as a ranking of the S&P 250. It got featured in the Fast Company's The 10 most innovative not-for-profit organizations of 2022. You can click here to read the article.