ROI of DEI - White paper

How to show corporate buyers that their investment in DEI will pay for itself

Findings - Insights - Data

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  1. Are you struggling to show the ROI of DEI to skeptical buyers?
  2. Do you get only one chance in the buyer’s office and don’t want to blow it?
  3. Are you rushing through 100 slides to convey one message?

Imagine if you can do this

  1. Would you like to collapse 100 data points into a single light bulb moment for your buyer?
  2. Would you like to learn 1 technique that you can use for all your prospective clients?
  3. Would you like to identify the metric that matters the most to your client?

ROI of DEI White Paper will help you to

  1. Cut through the clutter of ROI metrics to find the insights that truly matter
  2. Persuade skeptical corporate buyers by calculating the opportunity cost in a way that resonates with their specific needs
  3. Discover the numbers that matter with the help of your prospective clients

We'll email you when the white paper is ready!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this White Paper for?

DEI Consultants and DEI Consulting Agencies.

What will I learn from the White Paper?

You will learn to navigate through various key findings, insights and data about the ROI of DEI so that you can communicate with your buyer in a way that aligns with their business goals.

Why are you writing this White Paper?

I observed that DEI consultants are passionate about the topic. They come from the point of Ethical and Moral compass. However the lanuague of business is revenue, profits and market share. There is a connecting link and it needs to be communicated loudly if you truly care about DEI. Imagine the impact you will create if you can double the number of clients you serve.

Who wrote this page, anyway?

Hi! I’m Vikram Shetty and I have been building softwares for 19 years. I help DEI consultants attract more warm leads. I am also a podcast host of Sustainability Scores.
Vikram Shetty

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