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Scorecard as a Service

We will transform your raw data collected into a well designed bespoke scorecard for each of your participants.

Participants of the benchmark are mainly looking for feedback to know where they stand in comparison to their peers. Also they expect a quick feedback as they are impatient to improve their standing and to know the corrective steps they can take to help them reach their targets.

So there is always pressure on the teams conducting benchmarks or assessments to provide appropriate and timely feedback. Team may collect the data using an excel sheet or a some other survey tool but it’s always time consuming to provide a bespoke scorecard to each participant with the scores and feedback relevant to them and their comparators.

So based on our experience working with various benchmarking teams we have decided to offer a new service which we call as Scorecard as a Service (SaaS).

How will this work

Below are 5 simple steps that we follow to make it work. We will configure and setup everything for you, all you have to do is to provide give your data to be scored.

Strategy Session

In this step we will have on online discussion about the requirements of scorecard. We will discuss:

  1. Data you would like to include in the scorecard.

  2. Format in which the data would be provided.

  3. Is any further analysis needed on the data.

  4. Design of the scorecard.

Importing Data

After we have understood all of your requirements, we will set up our system to import your data in its original format. Then we will bulk upload all the data into the system to transform it into a well-designed scorecard.

Benchmarking Data

In this step we can apply 50+ built-in formulas to benchmark, validate and normalize the data. Then the data is prepared to be displayed on the scorecard and charts are generated. We can show averages, ranks, max, min, quintile, quartile etc.

Designing Scorecard

We prepare the design of the scorecard; this includes which data needs to be displayed where and how. The type and placement of the charts, colour of the bars and lines in the charts etc will be configured in this step.

One-click Generation

Now the scorecards are ready for generation and just a click away. Scorecards for all of the participants with their respective scores, averages, charts will be ready for download with 1 button click. We will provide you with a zip file with all the scorecards. They will be ready for use and publication.

How long it will take

From the start of the strategy session to the final generation of the scorecards can be completed in approximately 5 working days provided all the data is ready to upload when needed.

What we offer

  • Importing raw data

  • Custom fonts and colors

  • 50+ functions to further refine your data

  • 100 Company's scorecard

  • Up to 15 charts per scorecard

  • Generated HTML Scorecard

  • Create shareable links for each scorecard

  • 1 month of secured data storage

  • Data available in csv for further analysis

  • Link to integrate the data to Power BI

It is worth £3499. But we are have an introductory offer for only £1499

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