Scorecard Prototype Call

£ 399 only

90 minutes Prototyping Call to build your Digital Scorecard Prototype

Clarity - Confidence - Control

  1. Are you staring at a blank screen for hours while thinking about building your scorecard?
  2. Do you need help cutting out the ideas that don't fit your ideal scorecard?
  3. What about helping get your team to a consensus on the most effective components?
  4. Are you looking for no-nonsense expert advice that makes your next steps easy?
  5. Have you ever wondered what type of visuals your peers use?

Imagine if you could get into an online 90 minutes meeting and walk out with a PDF version of your Scorecard Prototype.

5 Steps to Prototyping

Book the call using the below button and receive our worksheet immediately. Once you book, the calendar will block 120 minutes, we won’t need the full 2 hours, but let’s block it out just in case.

  1. Book the call using the below button and receive our worksheet immediately
  2. In the Call, we go through 12 questions from the worksheet and find your answers
  3. Explore the toolkit to find the components for your Scorecard Prototype
  4. Select the components and Build the Scorecard Prototype for you live in the call
  5. Send you the Prototype created in PDF format along with the recording of the call

You are covered with our 100% Money-back Satisfaction guarantee. After the call, if you are not happy, say a word, and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Still on the fence? Let me give you a scoring methodology using a self-assessment of 5 questions. This call is for you if your answer is Yes to 3 or more questions.

  1. Do you give rankings or bands, or scores for each company?
  2. Does your scoring methodology include different sections, pillars, themes or any other groupings?
  3. Do you have a metric to measure your score at a question or indicator level?
  4. Do you provide or wish to provide feedback, recommendation, or gap analysis in your scorecard?
  5. Are you going to measure the impact of your scorecard?

Still, trying to decide? This call will at least help you decide on components in your scorecard using 6 measurable metrics. Also, see other benefits for you and your team below.

  1. Increase the clarity of visuals you want and don't want in your scorecard
  2. Start a feedback conversation with stakeholders using a tangible prototype
  3. Improve the control over the ideas by direct inputs from the results
  4. Reduce the cost of experimenting to only 1 hour and at the price of team lunch
  5. Faster decision-making to launch your scorecard by focusing on the metrics that matter.

Scorecard Prototype Call covers

  1. 1-on-1 Live 1-hour Zoom Call
  2. Scorecard Prototype Worksheet
  3. Toolkit with 25 Scorecard Components
  4. Recording of our Prototype Call
  5. Digital Prototype we build during our call

We have created a scorecard for clients like As You Sow, a non-profit leader in shareholder advocacy. The nonprofit's Racial Justice Scorecard—began as a ranking of the S&P 250. It got featured in the Fast Company's The 10 most innovative not-for-profit organizations of 2022. You can click here to read the article.