Scorecard Prototype Checklist Course

A free five day email course to teach you to design your Scorecard Prototype using Excel sheet within an hour

Impactful Insights - Clean Design - Building Blocks

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  1. Are you someone for whom it becomes difficult to start a design on a blank page?
  2. Do you think better if you get few hints and ideas presented to you?
  3. Is it easier for you to like the design after seeing a draft of a prototype?
  4. Are you good at suggesting improvements to existing designs?
  5. Do you want a scorecard that speaks insights to decision-makers?

If your answer is Yes to all of the above, this checklist course is for you.

You will know about

  1. The first thing on your company scorecard
  2. Essential building blocks of the scorecard
  3. Clarity on some of the finer points before you begin

If you want to create the blueprint of the scorecard, avoid major surprises and be confident about what you want in your scorecard you should take my free Scorecard Prototype Checklist Email Course.

In Scorecard Prototype Checklist Email Course, you’ll learn:

  1. Lesson 0: Summary of the 5-Day Crash Course as a Checklist
  2. Lesson 1: Using scores to set a strong foundation for your scorecard
  3. Lesson 2: Design tips to make your scorecard scannable and digestible
  4. Lesson 3: Create a more actionable scorecard with a few essential elements
  5. Lesson 4: How can fonts, colours and space level up your scorecard?
  6. Lesson 5: Keep your data crystal clear by choosing the right charts

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