Why Benchmark With Probench

Flexible Surveys

Build surveys with any structure with no limitation on the number of indicators and depth. Branching logic can also be applied very easily.

Flexible Analysis

Analyse the collected responses and calculated scores using various benchmarking and assessment functions in place.

Flexible Reporting

Provide feedback reports to the participants in the format of your choice including star ratings, scores, charts etc.

Awesome Features

White Labelling

Every corner of the platform can be white labelled for your branding and style guide including the feedback reports.

Advanced Branching Logic

Show or hide questions / Select answer options based on the responses provided for some other question.

Automated Scores

Scores are automatically calculated considering the weightages assigned to the indicator. We can also customize the scoring if required.

Instant Feedback Reports

You can provide instant feedback to participant with their performance along with charts and rankings. Feedback can be in either word or pdf.

Responses Pre-population

Pre-population helps the participants who participate in yearly benchmarking cycle and want their responses prefilled from last cycle.

Share a Page

Share indicators with external users from other departments to respond to their respective data enabling smooth data collection.

Our Client Partners

BITC is using Probench since 2006. Since then Probench is the benchmarking platform used by BITC for various areas like Diversity, Youth Assessment, Gender Awards etc.

PRI is using Probench since 2012. Probench is used as a platform for PRI Reporting framework. Nearly 1800 signatories use Probench to participant in the reporting framework every year.

ATNF is using Probench since 2013. They use Probench to conduct their Global and country focused Nutrition Indexes. Probench has helped ATNF to rise above spreadsheets and streamline their data collection and analysis.

Textile exchange is using Probench since 2011. They recently revamped their system and are now using Probench for their Preferred Fiber and Material benchmark. Near 100 companies participate in this benchmark.

BBFAW recently started using Probench for their 2017 benchmark. Probench enables them to give instant summary feedback to the companies participating in this benchmark.

Sustainability recently colaborated with us to conduct AMR Industry Alliance Survey. The results of this survey will form the basis of an industry-first progress report that will be launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2018

Corporate responsibility institute is using Probench to conduct their Corporate Responsibility Index in Greece.

UPJ uses Probench to conduct their CSR Check Up. UPJ is based out of Germany.

“ The CR Index Team at Business in the Community has found the 73bit team extremely helpful and open to new ideas. ”

Maria Jose Subiela

Head of Strategic Advice & Solutions - Business in the Community

“ The Workplace Diversity campaigns at Business in the Community have benefitted enormously from Probench. Probench has helped us raise the profile of the Race Equality Campaign, the Gender Equality Campaign and out annual awards by providing a much valued service to our members. ”

Thomas Colquhoun-Alberts

Benchmark and Knowledge Manager, Diversity - Business in the Community

“ The PRI is a network for investors to commit to principles for responsible investment. One of the principles requires signatories to report their activities and progress on implementing the principles. PRI does this on an annual basis, and then analyses and assesses the collected data. This means that the reporting platform must be ready and fully operational to a strict timeframe, including all changes and new features. With the support of 73bit, Probench has allowed PRI to collect, analyse and assess the reported data from our signatories for 4 years, while our signatory base has grown year-on-year from 1,186 in 2013 to 1,714 in 2017.”

Eva (Wai) Gehres

Reporting Manager - UN Principles for Responsible Investment

“ 73bit is very flexible and very quick in response which makes it a great service. ”

Simona Kramer

Research Analyst & IT platform coordinator - Access to Nutrition Foundation

“ System is intuitive following a learning curve (which is the case for all new software). 73Bit have been very accommodating and responsive when asking for new functionality. ”

Alex Faulkner

Reporting and Assessment Manager - UN Principles for Responsible Investment

“ Thanks for all your support on Probench. You guys are making waves in both support and functionality. Looking forward to working more together. ”

Evonne Tan

Information Architect & Creative Designer - Textile Exchange