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Probench is a sustainability benchmarking or assessment software easy by collecting complex data, automating statistical scores and publishing bespoke scorecards.

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ESG Scorecard 2X Roadmap

A Roadmap session to plan for doubling the impact of your scorecard. Imagine If you could you can get into an 1 hour Zoom meeting and walk out with a roadmap to 2X the impact of your research work.

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ESG Scorecard 2X Diagnostic

Diagnosing your business case to find a fit for the 2X Formula and double the interactivity, shareability and engagement of your Scorecard.

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Scorecard Prototype  Call

One Hour Prototyping Call to build your Digital Scorecard Prototype. Imagine If you could you can get into an online 1 hour meeting and walk out with a PDF version of your Scorecard Prototype.

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Scorecard Prototype Digital Class

Build a Tailored Digital Scorecard Prototype within an hour. You learn by step-by-step walkthrough of Scorecard Prototype.

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Scorecard Prototype Toolkit

25 components that will help make you a Scorecard Prototype. You can download the pdf file of your digital scorecard prototype

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Scorecard Prototype Worksheet

10 page worksheet that will clear decision making of your Scorecard Prototype. This document can be converted into your design or/and development team.

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Scope Discovery

We can discover together is there is any existing tools and technologies, suggesting automation or providing clarity on the feasibility of the solution.

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We will transform your raw data collected into a well designed bespoke scorecard for each of your participanting companies.

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ESG Scorecard 2X Formula

3 tactics to double the impact of your ESG Scorecard. Imagine if you can add features to your scorecard that will promote itself. You will also get 9 feature lists and calculate your baseline impact score immediately.

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Scorecard Prototyping Checklist Course

A free five day email course to teach you to design your Scorecard Prototype using Excel sheet within an hour.

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Sustainability Scores Podcast

A podcast for Research Analysts who want to unlock insights from corporate sustainability data.

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Sustainability Research & Analysis Community

400+ members group working towards corporate sustainability measurement and progress. We are sharing insights about data visualization to improve the impact of Scorecards, Dashboards and Microsites.

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ESG Ecosystem with 140+ links

ESG Ecosystem contains Sustainability Frameworks, Rating Agencies, Sector Benchmarks, Consultants, Scorecards and more.

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ESG Scorecard Newsletter (Weekly)

Every Friday, the latest issue is sent to our community. Each message includes 3 short ideas from us, 2 examples from others, and 1 question for you to ponder.

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