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Hello ESG Professionals, Are you frustrated collecting ESG data using Excel?

Excel files with a huge amount of data become very large and cause the files to stop working or become very slow, further pushing delays to the project. Click the below button to find a solution that eliminates user frustration, laborious manual work and constant crashing.


“ The CR Index Team at Business in the Community has found the 73bit team extremely helpful and open to new ideas. ”

Maria Jose Subiela

Head of Strategic Advice & Solutions - Business in the Community

“ The Workplace Diversity campaigns at Business in the Community have benefitted enormously from Probench. Probench has helped us raise the profile of the Race Equality Campaign, the Gender Equality Campaign and out annual awards by providing a much valued service to our members. ”

Thomas Colquhoun-Alberts

Benchmark and Knowledge Manager, Diversity - Business in the Community

“ Thanks for all your support on Probench. You guys are making waves in both support and functionality. Looking forward to working more together. ”

Evonne Tan

Information Architect & Creative Designer - Textile Exchange

“ System is intuitive following a learning curve (which is the case for all new software). 73Bit have been very accommodating and responsive when asking for new functionality. ”

Alex Faulkner

Reporting and Assessment Manager - UN Principles for Responsible Investment

“ 73bit is very flexible and very quick in response which makes it a great service. ”

Simona Kramer

Research Analyst & IT platform coordinator - Access to Nutrition Foundation

How do we think different?

Cost Innovation

Cost Innovation involves taking a fresh approach to the conventional way of delivering value in any given industry and looking for ways to reimagine it. We do it using our 7 strategic ideas and we have discovered multiple tactics to deliver value for our clients.

Leveraging Automation

Leveraging Automation means we are in constant search to automate any thinnest process. We want every research analyst not to do any task that could be automated using the software. The most salient feature it gives is a consistent outcome every time.

Shared Learning

Shared Learning is one of our core values, it is something we strive to live each day. We have built an online community of sustainability research analysts. Our team works only 4 days a week to dedicate the 5th day to learning from each other.

Awesome Features


Peer to peer, Industry level, Sector level, Year on year benchmarkings are available out of the box. Also flexible to support custom benchmarking solutions if needed.

Responses Pre-population

Pre-population helps the participants who participate in yearly benchmarking cycle and want their responses prefilled from last cycle.

Share Indicators

Share indicators with external users from other departments to respond to their respective data enabling smooth data collection.

Custom Calculators

Custom question types can be built which can not only capture the data but also calculate on behalf of the participants to get a calculated value and validate them.

Evidence Library

An out of the box question types to capture evidences which can be used to update the URL's and Files. Same files and URLs can be mapped to multiple questions.

White Labelling

Every corner of the platform can be white labelled for your branding and style guide including the feedback reports.

Advanced Branching Logic

Show or hide questions / Select answer options based on the responses provided for some other question.

Automated Scores

Scores are automatically calculated considering the weightages assigned to the indicator. We can also customize the scoring if required.

Instant Feedback Reports

You can provide instant feedback to participant with their performance along with charts and rankings. Feedback can be in either word or pdf.

Our Client Partners

1 Assessment  

2 Assessments  

12 Indexes  

3 Benchmarks  

2 Benchmarks  

5 Benchmarks  

5 Assessments  

3 Assessments  

2 Evaluations  

4 Dashboards  

4 Surveys  

1 Benchmark  

1 Index  

1 ESG Microsite  

1 Assessment  

1 Benchmark  

4 Country Assessment  

1 CheckUp  

1 CheckUp  

1 Reporting  

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1 Assessment  

1 Survey  

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1 CSR Audit  


£799** pm
£399** pm
£149** pm




£799** pm
£399** pm
£149** pm
Benchmark or Assessment 
Participants or Companies 
Number of Admin Users 
Number of Questions/Indicators 
Automated Scores 
Storage space (GB) 
SSL Encryption 
Import existing Data 
Online Data Collection 
Daily Backups 
Advance Branching Logic 
Evidence Library 
Responses Pre-population 
Invite Participants 
Support via 24X7 ticketing system 
10-hour Training 
Custom Branding 
Custom Domain 
Chat support via Skype 
Email Analytics 
Instant Scorecard 
Interactive Dashboard 
Survey Reminders 
Live Scoring 
Collaborative Data Collection 
Comments Notification 
Power BI API 
Regular Updates 
** If the billing address is outside the United Kingdom than VAT will not be applicable.
Add Ons:
● Each additional benchmark or assessment for £99 per month
● Every 150 participants or companies for £99 per month
● Custom branding and Custom Domain for £49 per month
● Regular feature updates £999 per month
● Every 5 GB of storage for £10 per month
● Cost for creating Surveys and Scorcard Templates email at for quotes 
We have a specialized operations team to setup your survey, data sets and scorcards. Email to know the fees